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Taking An Overview

Sometimes your car can have breakdowns or other trouble reducing your enjoyment of taking long rides

Find out how you can keep your car in optimum shape with simple care that we perform for you at Auto Atlas.

To help your vehicle comply with warranty requirements, and reduce the risk of engine damage or roadside breakdown.

Talk to an Auto Service representative about your vehicle’s specific replacement interval.

What’s included?

  • Replacing the timing belt.
  • Visual inspection of components driven by the belt, pulleys, guides and tensioner.

A dirty air filter restricts the amount of air entering the engine, potentially affecting fuel economy and performance.

Every time you get an oil change.

What’s included?

  • Installation of engine-specific replacement filter.
  • Visual inspection of engine.

The cabin air filter traps road dust and pollen and prevents them from entering your vehicle. Over time, these contaminants restrict air flow and may damage your ventilation system.

Replacing your fuel filter minimizes the risk of fuel starvation while maximizing the life of related fuel system components.

What’s included?

  • Installation of OE approved replacement filter.
  • Visual inspection of mounting and hose and/or line fitting at the filter.

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