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Taking An Overview

Your brake system has many components working together to stop your vehicle, and are worn down by everyday use. It only takes one weak, leaking or corroded component to cause others to wear out prematurely or lead to unsafe braking.

DID YOU KNOW? Your vehicle’s braking system may require service rather than replacement. This includes cleaning, adjusting and/or lubricating hardware to maximize the life of brake friction material.

To identify parts that are worn or no longer meet design specifications before they damage other parts of the brake system. This helps minimize repair costs over the long term.

Get an inspection if you notice:

  • Braking produces noise, or any change in braking performance.
  • The brake pedal pulsates.
  • ABS or warning light on dashboard is illuminated.
  • Inoperable emergency brake.

What’s included?

  • Road test to assess system performance.
  • Complete inspection of the brake hardware, hydraulics, friction material and emergency brake (brake pads, shoes, rotors, or drums, brake lines and fluid).
  • A printed Brake Inspection Report.

A professional installation of all brakes maximize the life of brake friction material and lets you drive with confidence all year long.

What’s included?

  • Checks of parts, brake lines and fluid.
  • ABS diagnostics.
  • Brake fluid flush.
  • Cleaning, adjusting and/or lubricating your front and rear brake hardware.

Brake fluid becomes contaminated over time due to extreme pressure, heat and exposure to moisture. A flush is a preventative maintenance service that restores the ‘firmness’ of a brake pedal that feels ‘spongy,’ and also prevents brake fade and prolongs the life of vital components.

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