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Taking An Overview

The importance of regular inspections are essential in keeping your car at optimal performance and avoiding future breakdowns.

Take a peek at sample maintenance and inspections that we perform at Auto Atlas and find out how these inspections and services can help you save future headaches and car trouble at inappropriate times.

Infrequently serviced vehicles experience poor fuel mileage, rough running and difficulty starting. Learn why it’s important to maintain your vehicle, and which areas need regular attention.


Proper maintenance of fuel injectors can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance, help fuel system components attain their intended life span and reduce harmful emissions.


After a significant amount of mileage and a noticeable change in engine performance.

What’s included?

  • Cleaning of fuel injectors and combustion chambers.
  • All necessary cleaning solutions.
  • A detailed, written Vehicle Inspection Report.

To eliminate the noise caused by worn or loose belts and reduce the chance of a roadside breakdown.


  • Inspections are recommended with every oil change.
  • Replace belts as per manufacturer’s recommendation or when visual inspection indicates.

What’s included?

  • Replacing old belts.
  • Visually inspecting associated components driven by belts.

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system is under constant strain from various road and driving conditions. Keep your vehicle from falling out of alignment by having it checked for proper steering and suspension angles.

Based on industry average, we recommend an alignment check whenever you purchase and install new tires.

What’s included?

  • Alignment check and road test.
  • Steering and suspension inspection, including tire condition and air pressure.
  • Printout showing current alignment angles with manufacturer’s tolerances.
  • Written report of technician’s recommendation.

The cost of an alignment check will be waived if you decide to have an alignment completed.

We'll walk you through each stage.
So you understand how it all works.

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